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General delivery and sales conditions of Beton de Luxe Holding BV in Tilburg.

Article 1. GENERAL

1.0 Beton de Luxe BV in Tilburg acts under the name Beton de Luxe with website

1.1 Beton de Luxe BV in Tilburg is a Dutch company and Dutch law applies to these terms and conditions.

1.2 These general terms and conditions of delivery and sale are applicable to all third parties, further to be called the client, with Beton de Luxe BV in Tilburg, to be referred to as BDL, agreements concluded with regard to the delivery of concrete materials and products, work to be carried out and opinions.

1.3 Deviations from these conditions are only binding if explicitly confirmed by BDL to the client in writing.

1.4 These delivery and sales conditions shall be deemed to have been read and accepted by the client before payment is made, even in the event that these are in contradiction with the terms and conditions of the client.

1.5 If the client has ordered, paid and paid, the client hereby fully agrees with the general terms and conditions used by us and any supplements thereto.

Article 2 DELIVERY

2.1 Deliveries are only made with advance payment. Dealers and processors can pay afterwards by direct debit.

2.2 BDL provides more than enough for deliveries per m². Consumption is very dependent on the subsoil and processor and does not give entitlement to free subsequent delivery.

2.3 The client must ensure that delivery can take place. If a delivery can not take place and the ordered products are returned, BDL reserves the right to act in accordance with these delivery conditions.

2.4 Deliveries are made according to the regulations of the carrier with ground floor as the starting point.


3.1 If the order comes in, it will be processed within 1 business day. Generally the order will be delivered to your home within 3 working days.

3.2 Exceeding any delivery terms can never lead to compensation in any way whatsoever.


4.1 BDL reserves the right to revise its prices in the event of a change in wage costs, social security costs, raw material prices, transport costs and the like.


5.1 Return shipments regarding guarantees must always be submitted within 14 days after delivery date, with a good description of what guarantee, via our return form.

5.2 You can not return orders, color orders and custum made orders per m².

5.3 BDL can not take back any products that have been produced or have been taken over. Clean empty buckets can be recycled.

5.2 Complaints arising from advice, product information sheet errors or about his specialist dealers can not be recovered from BDL.

5.3 A valid finding of the warranty can not be anything other than a new delivery of the number of m² to which the guarantee relates, or replacement of tools.

5.4 Any repairs / improvements may never be carried out without explicit written permission from BDL.

5.5 Color differences caused by a new badge must be accepted by the client at all times.

5.6 In the event of improper handling of the surface, such as cleaning with chemical agents, inadequate care, brute force and improper use, the guarantee will lapse.

5.7 Warranty claim or complaint does not suspend the payment obligation.

5.8 Upon full payment of the products and / or services delivered by BDL, the guarantees can only be claimed. Follow-up damage caused by not acting timely will not be reimbursed or replaced.

5.9 Disputes can always be submitted to a Dutch civil court in the Netherlands. BDL will act in accordance with the judgment.

5.10 If BDL decides on expertise from a client’s complaint, the costs of the experts will be borne by the client.

5.11 Complaints about aesthetics can not be dealt with, simply because aesthetics can not be measured.

Article 5. LIABILITY

5.1 The liability of BDL for damage caused by proven defects of the delivered goods will never exceed the net amount of the delivered goods or the agreed price per unit will only apply to that part to which any complaint relates. Other direct or indirect damage, including damage from third parties or loss of profit is never compensated.


6.1 Within the legal term can be returned free of charge.

6.2 This of course does not apply to the custom products, these are the orders that go per m² and for the products where a color is specified.

6.3 Return shipping never return without written agreement from BDL, this is by mail

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