Concrete look floor

Are you interested in a concrete look floor? Micro concrete is a finishing for floors that is indestructible and suitable for pretty much any surface. Artisanal quality and look.


Benefits of the micro concrete look floor:

Betonlook voordelen opsommingFor living rooms, bathrooms, stores, offices and terraces;

Also suitable for heated floors;

Floor possible in many colour tones;

Sleek floors without grooves;

Low-maintenance floor;

Anti-slip option and mould-resistant;

Usable for cement, stone, tiles, plaster, mdf.

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Micro concrete is the best product for an elegant concrete look floor. This home concrete is seamless and is available in many colours. Every micro concrete floor is handmade and extremely strong with its own unique texture.
Micro concrete is the highest quality home concrete with beautiful textures and colour nuances. The primer ensures strong adhesion. The coating is specially made for floors.

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Concrete look floor

A sleek industrial floor or a natural concrete look floor? The advantages of home concrete floors as opposed to poured floors or epoxy floors:

    • A home concrete floor is inexpensive and more robust;


    • A home concrete floor has a cool, tough look;


    • A home concrete floor is more dirt and stain resistant;


    • A home concrete floor is pore-free and low maintenance;


    • A home concrete floor has a more natural look.


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Concrete look floor with or without floor heating
Floor heating is very popular due to extra comfort and the efficient use of energy. Micro cement is uniquely suitable to create concrete looks for floor heating systems. The floor is extra strong, and has multiple layers that can be used with different types of surfaces and colour variations.

Concrete floors will give you that elegant look as well as modern comfort and sustainability. Call +31 (0) 2112823 or email us at if you would like to know more about the possibilities for home concrete floors. Our specialties: concrete floor bathroom, concrete floor kitchen or concrete floor living room.

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Concrete look floors are elegant and have their own unique industrial look. The concrete pigment is available in many different colours. Have a look at our micro concrete colour pallet here and ask for a free quote if you see something that suits you. You can also make an appointment with us to visit our micro concrete floor showroom if you wish.

You have the option to customise the floor to your interior and exterior. The application of micro concrete, micro cement, beton ciré and the respective primers, sealers and coatings is all artisanal craftsmanship. Every home concrete floor by Beton De Luxe is sustainable and unique and the floor is very low-maintenance.

Are you a private individual, an entrepreneur or an interior architect? Would you like to know more about designer concrete floors? Ask for a free quote for you specific situation:

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Would you like personal contact? If you call us at +31 (0) 211 28 23 you will be put through to a concrete look specialist. You can make an appointment to visit our showroom too.

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What is the difference between poured floors and home concrete floors?
An artisanal handmade smeared micro concrete floor is different from a coated floor or a poured floor with in-situ concrete. Poured floors are built up of polyurethane or epoxy artificially feel like a synthetic floor. For a concrete floor living room, concrete floor kitchen or concrete floor bathroom, micro concrete is the best solution.

Micro concrete is a mineral coat that is built up of lime and resin and is naturally anti-static and anti-allergic. As opposed to a poured floor, micro concrete floors are never artificial but give you that natural concrete look and feel.

Home concrete price
We advise micro concrete because it is rock hard and has a unique concrete texture and look. Nothing artificial, just industrial style and quality. It can be used on most subfloors. We have made beautiful concrete floors for living rooms, bedrooms, garages, shops and offices. For a kitchen floor and a bathroom floor an additional advantage is that micro concrete is waterproof and seamless. And for company floors they have the added advantage of a robust image. Would you like to know more about the prices of concrete floors? Call +31 (0) 13 211 28 23 or email us at for a concrete look floor.

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