Concrete look bathroom

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Advice for the best concrete look bathroom

① Since micro concrete is seamless, it creates a natural feeling of peace. Combine micro concrete with wooden accessories.

② Choose the colour for your micro concrete and use the same colour for the walls and floor, this will make the space look bigger.

③ Ask for the possibilities to sand the micro concrete after it dries to affect the unique concrete texture.

④ Talk about the level of anti-slip up front and choose the coating, which is the final layer.

⑤ Decide if you want floor and/or wall heating, both is possible with micro concrete.

⑥ Ensure there is enough ventilation in the room and maintain the micro concrete with green soap, never with chlorine or bleach.

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Advantages of micro concrete for a bathroom:

Betonlook voordelen opsommingAvailable in virtually any colour;
Betonlook voordelen opsommingSeamless and waterproof;
Betonlook voordelen opsommingHygienic and mould resistant;
Betonlook voordelen opsommingExtremely strong and low-maintenance;
Betonlook voordelen opsommingSuitable for bathroom floors and walls;
Betonlook voordelen opsommingSuitable for floor heating and radiators;
Betonlook voordelen opsommingSuitable for bathroom furniture finishing;
Betonlook voordelen opsommingApplicable to tiles, cement, stones, plaster and mdf.

Several words that have the same meaning as concrete look in bathroom:
☑ beton cire bathroom
☑ concrete plaster bathroom
☑ micro concrete bathroom
☑ home concrete bathroom


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Our micro concrete is of high quality and very decorative. It is highly suitable for bathroom floors, walls and furniture. For new as well as existing bathrooms.

The water-resistant micro cement layer does not have layers, which makes it perfect for use in wet areas. Concrete look bathrooms are used in new buildings as well as renovations because it can be applied to rough concrete, bricks and tiles, amongst other surfaces. It is also beautiful and practical to finish your toilet, bidet or urinal.

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Micro concrete is a balanced layer with good heat distribution for floor and wall heating. It is hygienic and low-maintenance thanks to its seamless mould-resistant construction. It is also a solid foundation to secure your radiator, shower fixture, bathroom mirror and towel rack.

Are you considering an elegant designer bathroom? Sleek and industrial or a warm look? We will provide you with a step-by-step guide for the perfect concrete look bathroom.

Would you like to know more? Send us an e-mail or call +31 (0) 13 – 2112823 and ask for a free quote for a concrete look bathroom. You can even get advice and tips on concrete looks.

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