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Are you looking for a luxurious concrete look?

We are the pioneers that introduced concrete finishes for interiors. We place beton ciré in houses, shops, offices and showrooms. We offer natural concrete looks with elegant colours and patterns.


  • High elasticity;
  • High mechanical resistance;
  • High chemical resistance;
  • High fire resistance;
  • High flexural strength;
  • High compressive strength;
  • High bond strength.


  • Basis of natural materials;
  • Elegant look & amp; feel;
  • Always a unique structure;
  • Spatial effect, no seams;
  • In many colors;
  • Colorfast;
  • Applicable to other interior elements.


  • Hard-wearing;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Child friendly;
  • Pet-friendly;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Anti-fungal;
  • Anti-slip options.
beton ciré meubel

Home concrete = beton ciré

Beton ciré originated in  France. Beton Ciré means ‘rubbed concrete’. It will have the appearance of concrete after it is applied and dryed.

It is the interior finish with the highest degree of quality. It results in a luxurious look & feel.

Concrete finishes for interiors

Our home concrete will give you the best value for money, a unique look and it is suitable for a wide range of applications. We offer concrete finishes to private individuals and companies and we work with DIY-enthusiasts, building advisors and interior designers.

Any questions?
Get in touch, we would be happy to advise you.

Would you like to see and feel the concrete for yourself?
Make a showroom appointment and bring your colour sample.

beton cire badkamer
beton cire keuken
Beton ciré kinderkamervloer

Opportunities for home concrete

We can achieve an exclusive look with micro concrete for concrete look floors, furniture, kitchens, bathrooms and porches. Surfaces can be stone, cement, plaster, synthetic, tile, or MDF. Micro concrete is incredibly hard, waterproof and stain resistant. It can be made in any colour tone and can be made in an anti-slip version as well.

beton cire keuken - spoelbak
Beton ciré serrevloer

"Beton ciré offers the best value for money"

More information

We have many examples of concrete look floors, concrete look walls and concrete look furniture. Contact us if you would like to visit our showroom or a home concrete project.

Home concrete has many names

We like to use the umbrella term “home concrete” to achieve the “concrete look”. The names of the products listed below have similar ingredients and effect:

  • Micro concrete
    We have actively used the name micro concrete. It depicts the composition but because of all the other names that have sprung up, we prefer to say home concrete now.
  • Micro cement
    We struggle with the term micro cement. If you think cement, you might think crumbly, while home concrete is solid, sleek and elegant.
  • Micro topping
    Impressive that product marketers have managed to come up with this new name. It is a decent description of applying thin coats of home concrete.
  • Concrete plaster
    Concrete plaster is a name that plasterers and handymen seem to use a lot. Home concrete is more complex and offers more possibilities than regular plaster.
  • Beton ciré
    Beton ciré is what it all started with in the Netherlands about 10 years ago. The name beton ciré still feels familiar, but we have grown since then.
  • Decorative concrete
    The term “decorative concrete” isn’t used as much in the industry but we feel it is a better description than the other terms above.

There are many vendors of home concrete

We were at the forefront of the introduction of home concrete in the Netherlands. Our 10 years of experience with preparing, processing and finishing home concrete has become real craftsmanship.

Our goal is high quality and great satisfaction when it comes to home concrete. That is why Beton DeLuxe doesn’t just take jobs, it also gives courses to other providers and processors of home concrete.

Good value for money and happy customers are the result of flawless composition, well-planned processing, perfect finish and smooth service.

Concrete look floor

Are you interested in a concrete look floor? Micro concrete is a finishing for floors that is indestructible and suitable for pretty much any surface. Artisanal quality and look. Benefits of the micro concrete look floor:

  • For living rooms, bathrooms, stores, offices and terraces;
  • Also suitable for heated floors;
  • Floor possible in many colour tones;
  • Sleek floors without grooves;
  • Low-maintenance floor;
  • Anti-slip option and mould-resistant;
  • Usable for cement, stone, tiles, plaster, mdf.

Concrete look floor and heating?

Floor heating is very popular due to extra comfort and the efficient use of energy. Micro cement is uniquely suitable to create concrete looks for floor heating systems.

The floor is extra strong, and has multiple layers that can be used with different types of surfaces and colour variations. Concrete floors will give you that elegant look as well as modern comfort and sustainability.

Call +31 (0) 2112823 or email us at contact@beton-deluxe.com if you would like to know more about the possibilities for home concrete floors. Our specialties: concrete floor bathroom, concrete floor kitchen or concrete floor living room.

Are you a private individual, an entrepreneur or an interior architect? Would you like to know more about designer concrete floors? Ask for a free quote for you specific situation.

Concrete look floor and heating?

Concrete look floors are elegant and have their own unique industrial look. The concrete pigment is available in many different colours. Have a look at our micro concrete colour pallet here and ask for a free quote if you see something that suits you. You can also make an appointment with us to visit our micro concrete floor showroom if you wish.

You have the option to customise the floor to your interior and exterior. The application of micro concrete, micro cement, beton ciré and the respective primers, sealers and coatings is all artisanal craftsmanship. Every home concrete floor by Beton De Luxe is sustainable and unique and the floor is very low-maintenance.

poured floors and home concrete floors

An artisanal handmade smeared micro concrete floor is different from a coated floor or a poured floor with in-situ concrete. Poured floors are built up of polyurethane or epoxy artificially feel like a synthetic floor.

For a concrete floor living room, concrete floor kitchen or concrete floor bathroom, micro concrete is the best solution.

Micro concrete is a mineral coat that is built up of lime and resin and is naturally anti-static and anti-allergic. As opposed to a poured floor, micro concrete floors are never artificial but give you that natural concrete look and feel.

Home concrete FLOOR price

We advise micro concrete because it is rock hard and has a unique concrete texture and look. Nothing artificial, just industrial style and quality. It can be used on most subfloors. 

We have made beautiful concrete floors for living rooms, bedrooms, garages, shops and offices. For a kitchen floor and a bathroom floor an additional advantage is that micro concrete is waterproof and seamless. And for company floors they have the added advantage of a robust image. 

Would you like to know more about the prices of concrete floors? Call +31 (0) 13 211 28 23 or email us at contact@beton-deluxe.com for a concrete look floor.

Concrete look bathroom

Advice for the best concrete look bathroom

① Since micro concrete is seamless, it creates a natural feeling of peace. Combine with wooden accessories.
② Use the same concrete colour for the walls and floor, this will make the space look bigger.
③ Ask for the possibilities to sand the micro concrete after it dries to affect the unique concrete texture.
④ Talk about the level of anti-slip up front and choose the coating, which is the final layer.
⑤ Decide if you want floor and/or wall heating, both is possible with micro concrete.
⑥ Ensure there is enough ventilation in the room and maintain the micro concrete with green soap.


Our micro concrete is of high quality and very decorative. It is highly suitable for bathroom floors, walls and furniture. For new as well as existing bathrooms. 

The water-resistant micro cement layer does not have layers, which makes it perfect for use in wet areas. Concrete look bathrooms are used in new buildings as well as renovations because it can be applied to rough concrete, bricks and tiles, amongst other surfaces. It is also beautiful and practical to finish your toilet, bidet or urinal.

Heat distribution

Micro concrete is a balanced layer with good heat distribution for floor and wall heating. It is hygienic and low-maintenance thanks to its seamless mould-resistant construction. It is also a solid foundation to secure your radiator, shower fixture, bathroom mirror and towel rack.

Concrete look kitchen

Would you like a concrete look kitchen? Micro concrete is an abrasion-resistant and waterproof finishing for you kitchen.

We specialise in concrete look kitchens. Our micro concrete is especially composed for kitchens with MDF, synthetic, plaster, stone or tile surfaces.

A concrete look kitchen worktop, back wall, or complete micro concrete kitchen is seamless and available in many colour tones. A concrete sink in any shape or colour imaginable is especially modern.

Warm, natural look & feel

A sleek kitchen with an industrial look and feel? A warm, natural, concrete look kitchen? A concrete look back wall or partition makes for an elegant look. The combination with a concrete worktop and/or concrete look floor is the finishing touch.

Robust, industrial quality

Concrete in the kitchen is as robust as it looks. If you want it to look extra trendy, combine concrete with wooden elements. The price of a concrete look kitchen and the time it takes to make it are another advantage.

A concrete look kitchen is available in many colour tones, always has a unique texture and is entirely seamless. Concrete in the kitchen is elegant, modern and durable. The water-resistant, mould-resistant coating is very practical.

Betonlook furniture

Are you looking for concrete look furniture? Our micro concrete is the highest attainable quality with elegant textures and abrasion-resistant finishes that are suitable for pretty much any piece of furniture. It gives a luxurious look and feel to any interior.

Concrete look furniture is exclusive and a real asset to your interior. The micro concrete is flexible and can be delivered in dozens of colours.

We have experience with concrete look tables, concrete look TV stands, concrete look lamps, concrete look flower planters, concrete look bathroom furniture and ornaments.

Concrete look furniture is an absolute eye-catcher and very easy to clean thanks to the seamless finish.

Industrial and/or modern style

Ask for free color samples, additional information and a quote.

  • Ask for advice, send a photo, call or visit us;
  • Your furniture will be processed in our beton ciré workshop;
  • We will provide you with all the information to keep your concrete looks perfect;
  • Concrete look for ornaments;
  • Enjoying your exclusive furniture? We would love to receive your photos.

Beton DeLuxe is a specialist in concrete look furniture. Do you prefer customised work? Send us an email and our specialists will give you the perfect advice.

We have a lot of experience with concrete interiors: concrete look cupboards, concrete look tables, concrete look TV stands, concrete look staircases, etc.

Concrete look workshop

During the monthly beton ciré workshop we share our years of experience with beton ciré and micro concrete. You experience the practice of creating the concrete look.

The beton ciré workshop is suitable for professionals and DIY-enthusiasts. A good mix of people will give you the perfect balance between creativity and practice. Every student is offered personal guidance at their own level.

Applying beton ciré yourself

The workshop includes tools, materials, coffee and sandwiches. We are not here to give you a product presentation, we want you to be able to work with real micro concrete products. You get your hands dirty, we’ll teach you the tricks of the trade!

We generally give the workshop at our concrete look training facilities in Tilburg, the price is €50 per person.

Workshop result for you

After one half-day beton ciré workshop you can start creating your own concrete looks:

  • Information about the different applications;
  • Knowledge about the preparation of the subsurface;
  • Practical tips about mixing materials at the right ratio;
  • Clear explanation about the production and creation of a concrete look;
  • Professional advice about the finishing;
  • Tips for maintenance of beton ciré (also have a look at our web shop for these).